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Verano en París
15 December 2013

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no answers
30 January 2011

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negativo de color
6 November 2010

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20 August 2010

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14 March 2010

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3 March 2010

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29 October 2009

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tu árbol
9 May 2009

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6 May 2008

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5 May 2008

Recent Comments

El Autor (haydon) on 'Selfie'
Thank you for your kind comment Basile. It's the zeitgeist as you says. This photo needs the top part for explain ...

El Autor (haydon) on Parking, tanatorio.
C'est un ajout L'angevine: Thank you jaeae ;)

L'angevine on 'Selfie'
comme si ces ombres suivaient aussi ce chemin

jaeae on Parking, tanatorio.
you have some very interesting "double-exposures" here, nice work, creative.. :)

jaeae on Still life
superb compo.. nice.

omid on 'Selfie'
woooow! very nice shot with beautiful composition & lighting! Amazing shadows!

Basile Pesso on 'Selfie'
Superb picture with excellent contrasts and lights, and very impressive tall shadows. About "selfies", I ...

L'angevine on Parking, tanatorio.
ce premier plan me semble comme un ajout...

Le Krop on Visitó piso piloto
J'aime : couleurs, structure ... Et ça donne une image mélancolique.

L'angevine on estar es un verbo relativo
intéressant ce croisement entre eux

Basile Pesso on estar es un verbo relativo
Magnifica evocación y muy interesante punto de vista linguístico !!

L'angevine on dicen que hoy en día
oh quel bon travail sur ces deux reflets des vélos

Adela Fonts on los días airados
Molt bona... M'agrada... La novel·la és interessant també...! Excel·lent la llum!

Basile Pesso on dicen que hoy en día
Excelente mezcla, especialmente para mi en la parte superior izquierda con los gráficos de las lineas blancas. ...

L'angevine on los días airados
intéressant titre du livre où cette lumière me donne l'envie d'ouvrir le chapitre

pixim on dicen que hoy en día
Para mi, lo entiendes bien, me Gusta ;-)

Basile Pesso on los días airados
Una foto del cotidiano magnifica, una de las fotos del día para mi, con una construcción excelente y una ...

L'angevine on marginal
j'aime bien cet effet serre

L'angevine on Si hoy es jueves esto es 2014
intéressant cadrage

Le Krop on enero es azul
Un graphisme magnifique.

Basile Pesso on enero es azul
Superb title and fascinating picture with a great quality of composition. Wonderful poetic geomerty, extremely clevrer. ...

Basile Pesso on el camino de la metáfora
Picture and title fit perfectly...

El Autor (haydon) on disolución de discontinuidad
Thank you Basile

Basile Pesso on disolución de discontinuidad
Excellent poetry and title.

Basile Pesso on Saudade
Very good choice !

Ferret on Verano en París
Tourist season ???

L'angevine on Still life
intéressant cadrage

Moridi on Still life
Very good capture. Great shot.

B. Thomas on Still life
Very nice shot.

Basile Pesso on reposición
Excelente trabajo de superposición y interesante texto.

Basile Pesso on Sobre El Puente
Delicate and very well composed in layers, I like a lot.

Basile Pesso on Poubelle
Superb light and classy character in these very good French scene and composition.

dime ho on en las luces rasantes.... como siempre...
Sigues en forma, ho (como siempre)

Basile Pesso on De lo que nunca se puede huir
I like the austerity a lot here.

Basile Pesso on ƎᗡATƧ
Excellent composition and title !

Basile Pesso on la ciudad inquietante
Superbly composed and well titled. Indeed, the look of the man towards you brings a quite ominous mood.

omid on en las luces rasantes.... como siempre...
woooooow! very nice!!! so beautiful composition, lights & shadows! Amazing & lovely!

Basile Pesso on en las luces rasantes.... como siempre...
It seems to be Paris. Superb golden mood and tall shadow, with a very good composition.

Basile Pesso on disonancias consonantes
Funny and super clever. Great work.

Basile Pesso on No mirarás
Perfect. Super clever addition of a slight auto-shadow to a wonderfully precise frame.

Basile Pesso on Ready
I absolutely love this composition. Remarkable.

John Jungklaus on Saudade
Very nice work! This photograph had a wonderful quiet perfection. And I agree with Ana, Basile and Ronnie - lovely ...

Basile Pesso on Un barco cargado de...
Perfect...A clear link with mine of yesterday.

Ludo on "a mi amigo el..."
Great framing, very graphic : everything is in the right place.

Ludo on Un barco cargado de...
Superb simplicity, almost an abstraction.

Basile Pesso on Ognimod
Very interesting multi superposition.

Basile Pesso on Los caminos son unidimensionales
I don't know...Another excellent combo catch + compo.

Basile Pesso on Los rumbos en tierra no son tales
Perfect...Excellent breathing on the right.

Basile Pesso on "a mi amigo el..."
A tribute, apparently. Great catch and symbol of friendship, and also, superb graphics with this red and white stuff, ...

El Autor (haydon) on Las ausencias presentes (3)
Gracias Basile.

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